Trouble in Paradise

bullet00842  "bullet:" acrylic on 40" x30" Yupo moreGoodFactoryJobs Factory2444  "Factory" acrylic on 24"x30" canvas panel East-of-Java0646  "East of Java' acrylic on 40" x 30" Yupo
NightMoves4246X  "Night Moves" acrylic on 24" x8.5" panel Trouble00550  "MoreTroubleInParadise" acrylic on2" x 22" Yupo TIP1352  "Trouble in Paradise" acrylic on 36" x 24" panel plus hand crafted bongoleum frame with inlay of faux mother of pearl O.D. 40" x  28" Troubleagain acrylic on 40" x 30" yupo
LifeSpanx0427  "LifeSpan" acrylic on 30" x20" Yupo DeathFromBelow0455  "DeathFromBelow" acrylic on 40" x 30" Yupo Stasis.2  "Stasis.2" acrylic on 24" x 20" panel War In The Abstract " acrylic on 36" x 24" panel
YouDon'tBelieve00667  "YouDon'tBelieve" acrylic on 40" x 20" yupo TwelveTwentyOneTwelve1162  "City Defence" acrylic on 32" x 24" panel emp0802  E.M>P> -acrylic on 40' x 30" Yupo StasisNine  "Stasis9"  acrylic on 30"x20" Yupo
weepingNeko91648  WeepingNeko9"  acrylic on 26" x  20" Yupo plus frame birdseye