"Sea Captain" acrylic on 20"x24" Yup bee-beard TheCardCounters AllyourBase00280  "All your Base belong to us" acrylic on 36" x 24"  yupo
LegendsOfTheCosmosPeterHiggs0689  "LegendsOfTheCosmos-Peter Higgs" acrylic on 20"x16" canvas panel steveSassonDSC00450 Clyde(MrPluto)Tombaugh  "Clyde(Mr.Pluto)Tombauagh" acrylic on 20"x16" Canvas Panel DoubleRainbowMan00686  Legends of the Net "DoubleRainbowMan" acrylic on 16"x20" canvas panel
vincerf0211  "Vint Cerf" acrylic on 20" x 16" panel gr0265  "Ghyslain Raza wannabe" acrylic on 20"x16" panel plus frame TLLGUY00680  Legends Of the Net" Tro Lo Lo Guy" acrylic on 16"x 20" canvas panel SatoshiNakomoto0460  "Satoshi Nakomoto" acrylic on 36"x24" Pegboard
Yellow-Menis DemocRATPACKDSC00294  "DemocRAT PACK"  acrylic on 36" x 24" Yupo syncro1478  "Syncro - Jung & Pauli"  acrylic on 20" x 8" Yupo with frame 24" x 12" watcher-2x
J.O  "Jimmy Olsen and his Pal" acrylic on 26" x 20" Yupo we-deliver0880  "We Delivier" acrylic on 40"x30" Yupo Pluto-e-Pluto0275  Pluto e Pluto acrylic on 36"x24" Yupo smfive1616  SmokingMonkey#5- acrylic on 24" x 18" Yupo w/bongolium frame 27"x21"
Moe-LisaX0944  "Moe Lisa" acrylic on 20" x 16" panel plus frame The-Stare0377  "The Stare" acrylic on 40" x 30" Yupo